Friday, May 22, 2009


Several weekends ago, Alida and I violently kidnapped Ashley, in honor of her 18th birthday and graduation! We've been planning it for few months, and had to reschedule several times -but at last, success! I had an incredible time hanging out with my girl friends - thanks so much for going along with it, and making it such a great time, you guys! Love you both!

First, we nabbed Ashley at work - then, after lunch at Panera, we drove up to Jefferson City for an afternoon of shopping.

Then, after a stop at Cold Stone Creamery (I had NO IDEA that there was one in Jeff City! I'm now thrilled beyond belief), we headed home, stopping at the BSU in Rolla on our way in. They had a get-together/photography contest that several of our friends had entered in. After that, we took a quick bathroom stop at the house, then drove out to the shed - shopping bags, sleepover equipment, and manicure/pedicure/facial supplies in tow.

Aida - this reminds me of the time you
tickled my feet through my shoes in
the back of the Yukon that one time.
Remember? Good thing you didn't actually
touch my feet for this one -
you would have gotten a swift kick in the face. :D

After getting a surprisingly long night's sleep, we leisurely woke up and had a large breakfast of. .. oh, all sorts of things. Then we partook of the shed's movie theatre set-up and watchd A Walk to Remember while curling/straightening hair. "I might kiss you. I might be bad at it. That's not possible." Sigh. Chick flicks rock my socks.

Once finished with all that, we discovered that we had several hours left together, and no official plans. . . and we were in Rolla. So we called up some friends, drove around town a bit, and wound up doing some rollerblading together! I managed to come up with enough skates for everyone, and Acorn Trail got to experience the wheels of 5 brave individuals.






Dancing on the Blades

The Whole Group

Awww. I love these kids.

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alida said...

That was one fun weekend. We will have to do it again sometime. Maybe Ash and I will kidnap you when you are 50!! Dude, that would be fun!!

I totally remember poking at your shoes and you laughing so hard you almost died (that would have been tragic.)

Love you!