Friday, July 25, 2008

Branson and Basketball

Dad, Andy, Abby, and Isaac took a weekend trip to Branson earlier this July. Andy had a sort of "all-star" tournament down there (for basketball), as well as several baseball games on the way. They went to a magic show, and did go-karts, which thrilled Isaac!


Thy little handmaiden said...

Ashley, Clara, and I all went to the go-kart place at Branson too!
They had fun on the big track though. :) I wasn't feeling very good though that morning because I was still having problems with my iron...
It looks like Isaac had a blast! :)

I guess I'll see you sometime... I'm going on the canoe float trip so I guess I'll see you then. :) :D

animalover said...

haha fun stuff.. Hope you can come to my party, because I can't go on the float trip, so my party will have to be my last goodbye for all my friends ;)