Friday, July 11, 2008

TREX '08, Friday

Friday, we swapped events. . . the other group "got" to go caving, and we stayed at camp. The first thing we did was a strange game of sorts. They had a large PVC pipe frame, with metal rings coming out of all four sides. We had the girls on one side and the guys on the other. Then we hooked bungee cords on the rings, and stretched them all across until we had made a web like structure. Our goal was fairly simple - to get everyone through the web onto the other side. However, no one could touch any part of the web - not the people going through or the people passing them through. Also, three people on each side started out blind-folded, and others were blind-folded whenever we touched or went out of the boundaries. I woke up with a tremendous headache that day, so once I was passed through (blind-folded. . .it was quite interesting), I curled up and took a nap. Next thing I knew it was lunch time! Then after lunch we went up to the paintballing course. I was the nurse's assistant, and camera babysitter. :D The girls painted their hair with the paint (they painted some of the guys too, come to think of it) and everyone enjoiyed comparing welts. That evening was the last night we were there. It was the best night yet . . . we had a campfire, and sang and shared what we had learned throughout the week. Those of you who know we will be shocked to hear that I actually shared something! It was so cool to hear all those other teens, so serious about their faith and about growing in their walk with God.
Another foggy morning. . .
This is that strange game we played. . .you can see Ben with his purple blind-fold in the back, and one side of the web.
Julie, going through blind-folded

Oh my I had forgotten about this! The last night, we did wrestling in our cabin. It was absolutely insane. The girls were all screaming so loudly, my ears were ringing! What a fun time. . . This is Stephanie, the camp nurse. . .

. . . and our counselor, Sharon.
Here they are wrestling! I think they ended up in a draw. They both got pretty tired.

One of the guys making their TREX shirt. Andy made those stencils and everyone was amazed at his mad skills.


Watching them play. . . Michael, Andrew, two of the girls on the staff who I didn't meet, Katie, another girl on the staff, Ian, and Jonathon.

Mark playing for worship the last night

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