Friday, July 11, 2008

TREX '08, Tuesday

Tuesday we hopped on the bus and drove to a high ropes course about 45 minutes away. There we split into two groups. Group one stayed and did the 24 elements on the high ropes course, and the zip line. I was in group two, and we went down and did the "Giant Swing", the "Team Power Pole", and some rappeling. Let me tell you, getting into the harness and doing the swing was a HUGE step for me. I was very anxious until the first time I was in the air. . . then I think the feeling of flying through the air and the awesome view we had stole all that fear away. :)Hannah B. and I were partners for the power pole, and she was really amazing! We both caught the trapeze, but did not attempt any pull-ups. . . I don't think I could do any when the pole is 6 ft. from the ground, much less as far as that trapeze bar was! We did rappeling last. . . it was fun. Nothing super exciting. That evening, back at camp, they opened up the water slide. I didn't think that would be terribly fun, since it was a little on the cold side. So I just sat and watched volleyball, and then joined in playing speed volleyball. I am quite proud to say that I was on the winning team all three games. (I actually had about nothing to do with that fact. . .Ian was also on every winning team, and somehow I think that was most of the reason why. lol)

Our water supply

Aaawww, they're buddies. :)

Andy and Mark dive for the trapeze! I think they each did about 12 pull-ups.

Ready to climb. . .

And they make it too!

Hannah Sue is ready . . .

. . . there she goes, up the pole like lightning!

And she does 7 pull-ups, breaking the girls' all -time record for the course. :)

Hannah B., my amazing partner

Here we are at the top of the pole.

She was doing pull-ups. . .I was hanging on for dear life.

Jeremy, the rappel man!

The cliff we rappelled off. . . you can't really see it from here.

"Hey Ben. . ."

The water slide

Andy down the water slide

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