Friday, July 11, 2008

TREX '08, Wednesday

Wednesday, we went back and our group got to go on the high ropes course. Hannah Sue was my partner and let me tell you -- she is my hero! One of the things that the instructors kept emphasizing was that each of us should challenge ourselves. If we thought that making it to the top would be nearly impossible, then make that our goal. If we thought that we could easily make it to the top, but weren't sure about catching the trapeze, then we should go for that. . . and so on, and so forth. Well Hannah Sue loves a challenge. And she did every element without touching her ropes at all, and often made the element even more hard than it was intended to be, just for the challenge! So yes - she is my hero. It was so fun though, and the zipline at the end was thrilling. I went upside-down, Spiderman style, and oh my. . . what an awesome feeling! I would highly recommend it. ;) That night we went up to the climbing wall, and some of the guys brought their guitars. So we sang and climbed and had a wonderful evening.

The High Ropes Course!

Part of lunch.

Hannah Sue and I made it up!

One of the elements. . .I think this is Ben and Caleb Hull. This was a really hard one!


Going down the zipline

Me at the end of the zipline. Explanation: I look like I'm holding on for dear life, but actually, I'm trying to hold myself up out of my harness as much as possible. Those harnesses may be safe, but they definitely never won any awards for comfort!

Sara . . . looking happy to be back on the ground. :)

This thing was a sight for sore eyes after spending 3 hours up in the air. Before we went up, they kept telling us to drink as much as we could and to stay hydrated, because there wasn't any way to get water when we were at the top. They also said that we would sweat it off, so not to worry about needing to use the bathroom while we were up there. Well. . . I think maybe we over-hydrated, because all of us made use of this fine facility when we got back to the ground.

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