Tuesday, July 21, 2009

16. Floating Away on a Cloud

Completed one more item! Our family float trip this past Monday was a smashing success. Kudos to Mrs. Hickle for being the great mastermind behind it - I love her mass amounts.

Basically, the trip consisted of:
Nathan and David tipping their canoe.
Nathan and David trying to maintain control of the bag of Sour Patch Kids.
Nathan and David tipping Abby and Sarah for unknown reasons.
Nathan and David trying to sleep on our trampoline afterward.
Nathan and David both serving the volleyball very close to the vicinity of my head.

Do you see a recurring theme? Nathan declared it the worst float trip he'd ever been on. I must admit that the weather was a bit chilly, and the water even chillier - and guess what? He confirmed that it was cold all four times he was tipped. I asked, just to be sure.

w00t for fun times, and being squished into the back seat of a van with three boys. I can't really imagine much more fun. OH! And I found a heart-shaped rock, as did Esther Nail. She basically rocks my socks. As does Abby. "Aflack!"

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