Tuesday, July 21, 2009

31. MS&T

As a Truman Bulldog, I felt that it was my duty to check out our technical counterpart, MS&T, and draw comparisons accordingly. Also, I recently realized that I've lived in Rolla for 5 years, and never been anywhere on campus except Havener Center and Leech Theatre. This afternoon, when the rain let up, a kind and gracious MS&T student gave me a tour of the campus. For being populated by a bunch of engineer students and professors, it was surprisingly beautiful. :) My favorite building was definitely the Mechanical Engineering building.

I really enjoyed it.
I'm glad I'm going to Truman.
That's all.


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Mark said...

Haha. What about it made you so glad you're going to Truman? Can't deal with all the lame brick buildings here?