Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Zeke!

Wow, 13 years old. Yikes. Somehow, it’s never weird when Andy turns a year older. I guess it’s because he’s my older brother, and it makes sense for him to grow up. But with Zeke, it’s just different. I’m not ready for him to be all grown up yet! Although, I must admit it is nice that he’s beginning to mature. :D That, I can live with.

What I can’t live with is that he’s now taller than me. Sigh. I gave him a hug yesterday, and was shocked to discover that I wasn’t reaching down to hug a little boy anymore. I vividly remember when he was the same height that I was when I stood on my knees. We were so proud to be exactly the same height. Now – we are the same height. And I am not proud.

But it’s true – he’s growing up. Next thing I know, he’s going to be graduating, heading off to college, or announcing his engagement. Time sure flies.


Okay, so maybe it doesn’t fly that fast. But still.


If I had to sum up my favorite things about Zeke, with using only single words, these would be some of them:

Dimples. Trampoline. Strawberries. Words. Laughter. Monopoly. Mirrors. Weight. Enthusiasm. Singing. Dancing. Big Toe. Matching. Crocs. Family Devos. Blond Eyebrows. Brother. Teammate/Partner in Crime.

July 015 100_4248 002 Love you kiddo! Keep siding with me against Andy and Abby, and life will stay happy. I might even buy you chocolate, and cease bossing you every second of the day. But that’s only a maybe – no promises.


Mark said...

Holy cow, he looks exactly like Andy in that second picture!

children of the farm said...

Happy B-day to Zeke!! haha, you FINALLY made it to 13:) Now I can't tease you anymore:( JK, I'll find plenty more things to tease you about.
You're lots of fun kid;)


annie hall said...

He's taller than you now?? Nick's still an inch or so shorter than me... but not for long!

Zeke said...

Mark, you are no longer my friend!