Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

Everyone in our family, except Dad, headed up to Forrest, Illinois for the fourth this year. It’s become something of a tradition, and a sort of family reunion – we always have a picnic at the park, and do games and stuff at Grandma’s house afterwards. This year was no exception – although it rained all day on the fourth, we braved the wet-ness and had lunch in the enclosed pavilion at the park, even venturing to do a cherry seed spitting contest! Here are some pictures from the trip.

July 014July 016July 041July 030  Abby had been in Michigan for about 2 weeks before this trip, and we met up with her at Grandma’s house. Apparently, she missed Zeke. :)


July 023My Grandma, Aunt, and Mum with Isaac and two little cousins

 July 021July 020We know this game as “Redneck Golf,” but they called it Ladder ball. I was the worst, by far. :)


July 026July 034July 061July 053

Andy got to judge the adults’ cherry seed spitting contest – and here I am, trying to get Aunt Kiersten to explain how in the world one spits a cherry seed. I never did figure it out. :) See?July 054 July 056 Here’s Grandpa doing it – he actually did a pretty good job!


July 078           Elizabeth’s birthday was on the 5th, so we had an ice cream cake to celebrate.


July 036So, my almost-7-year-old brother can play pool.  Who knew?



July 045Aww, look at how cute they are! Nick and Ben, my cousins from Dubia. They made the weekend quite fun – I think in this photo, they were showing me what they did when Abby was reading The Odyssey to them the night before. lol.


Mark said...

Haha Andy. Ditch the umbrella, bro.

children of the farm said...

oh i just love the one of andy with the umbrella! ;)