Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The *cough* Packing List *cough*

I have been packing. Literally.
Unfortunately, I have also been failing miserably at my other sort of packing. As in, my packing list.

Help! I am an over-committed list-maker of the worst kind! I need some sort of anonymous support group to assist.

But that's what friends are for, right? Below, I've listed the items that I think friends could definitely help me accomplish. Send me an e-mail if you think you can. :) I won't get it until we get home from Ecuador (August 3rd), but from then until move-in at Truman, I have 2.5 weeks. So let me know!!

3. Take on the Shed as a project - make it a great hang out spot for teens, that Abby and Zeke can use for entertaining through out their highschool years. Decorate, and fix it up. . . still working on brainstorming exact ideas.
5. Visit Elephant Rocks and Johnson's Shut-Ins, possibly with several other homeschool families (can't you just see the caravan of 15 passenger vans?)
8. Learn how to do a cartwheel
13. Make memorizing Scripture a habit
15. Have many, many Board Game Nights, Bonfires, Movie Nights (co-ed in the shed!), Outside Game Days, Volleyball at the Park Nights, etc.
18. Finish some of the many family photo projects we have
20. Fly a kite successfully (yeah, I've never done this) - Alida and Sonja
22. Complete a game of Monopoly with Zeke - Zeke (go figure)
23. Make and freeze tubs of cookie dough, for my family to use, and to bless others with (Zeke said, "We'll have to ration them. . .")
24. Learn how to drive a stick-shift
25. Shoot a gun (maybe - I haven't decided if I'll actually go through with this one or not)
26. Dissect the fetal pig that I still have left from senior year Anatomy
27. Scientifically determine whether cookie dough ice cream has chunks of plain, or chocolate chip cookie dough in it, preferably with friends
28. Touch a cow - the ante has been upped. I now have to kiss a cow!
29. Have my picture taken with Alida

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Candi said...

you've never shot a gun!!!! wow! It's fun you have to!! Luvs,