Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Five

We woke up and drove into Philadelphia for the day. As we came into the city, Zeke said it reminded him of LA, and we all agreed. Lots of tall buildings, cranes, and traffic. :) We took a trolley into the city, and walked around. Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and many old, historic buildings. . . very interesting. We also toured the US Mint (which Zeke was super excited about), went to the Betsy Ross house, and waited about 20 minutes for a trolley back to the parking lot. :) Our favortie part was the stories. . . they had 13 benches placed around the city, and a story teller at each one. We heard 3 stories, and they were really interesting, and fun for the kids. Then we drove through to Auburn, our final destination. I drove the last 2 hours or so, which began as nerve-racking, but definitely helped to round out my driving experience. It was windy interstate, which I've never done before - and since I struggle with driving fast, it was a challenge. But listening to the Prince and the Pauper recording kept me awake, and I got used to the speed pretty fast. We checked into our hotel around 10 pm, and were all very glad to reach our final destination!


Okay, so this is kind of a random picture. However some will appreciate it. :) Only 3 left!!

This was a sculpture in Philadelphia. It is in rememberance of all the Irish who died on their way over during the Potato Famine.

Independence Hall

The Liberty Bell

Isaac, aka George Washington. I love this kid. When we were on the trolley, a lady asked him about his "pirate hat". He corrected her quickly - "No, it's a colonial hat, like George Washington's."


Brandon said...

I envy you! lol Looks like you've been having a lot of fun!

kingrussian1 said...

I am glad they made you go on the trip...yu definitely look like you are having a blast.

I still remember my trip to DC like 6 maybe 7 years ago...oh I dont know how long ago it was but I still remember how cool it was.