Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Four

This is what I like to call our day of insanity. :) Libeth and Mum were released from the hospital at 8:30am, and we picked them up shortly after that. We drove to Mt. Vernon and spent a few hours there. Libeth was all smiles on the trip, and we are glad she is feeling better. I enjoyed Mt. Vernon even better than Monticello, but both were just amazing. Mt. Vernon overlooks the Potomac River, and the day was gorgeous. After that we drove in Washington DC. Oh my. May I recommend 2 things? One, if you are are going to tour DC, do so either on foot, or on a tour bus. And two, if you decide to drive through the city in your own vehicle, get a map that is up-to-date, and accurate. :) However, I will refrain from dwelling on our negative experiences, and focus on the positive. We were planning to just drive through and look at things from the car, but we were actually able to go into the Jefferson Memorial, and the National Archives Building. We saw the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We saw some friends from Rolla while waiting in line there, which was interesting to say the least. Then we drove as far out of the city as we could before stoppping for the night just past Baltimore. We ate at a very authentic Mexican restaurant. . .amazing food. Made my mouth water in anticipation of our trip to Cali coming up. :D


The lovely Mt. Vernon

View of the river from Mt. Vernon - the picture doesn't do it justice. :)

Here is Miss Libeth, back to her happy, goofy self! We are so thankful that she is better! I think she is using the sun shade on her stroller as a head-rest.

Isaac dressed as George Washington - he was absolutely thrilled when we found a "George Washington" hat to buy. He wears it all the time. :D

The Lincoln Memorial - unfortunately, this is about as close as we got.

The Capitol Building

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial - the words engraved on the walls are truly a testament to the faith of our Founding Fathers. It is wonderful reminder of the Christian foundation of our nation, something that is often forgotten in this crazy, busy city.

Me, Libeth, Isaac, Zeke, and our friend Patrick (from Rolla!), in front of the National Archives Building. I believe Abby's head is behind Zeke's - she is someday going to regret ducking out of all the photos. :D

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