Saturday, May 31, 2008

Days Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine

Well this will be my last written update of our trip. I will post pictures of these last four days sometime during the week, after we get home. Today was spent mostly just sitting around at the hotel. Zeke and I did hit the fitness room (and it was wonderful, after sitting in the car so much the past few days), and the kids did a lot of swimming. The wedding was at 5 o'clock, and it was a wonderful ceremony. Let me back up a little - the person getting married is my mother's Aunt Terri. She had been married to Larry, who developed cancer and died about 5 years back. I can remember meeting them both, but only briefly. For a few different reasons, that side Mum's family doesn't get together often. Anyways, Aunt Terri married a gentleman named David, who also lost his first spouse. It was beautiful the way that they incorporated the memory of their former spouses into the ceremony. I also felt it very meaningful to see the commitment Terri and David had to each other. Both had been through some rough times with the sickness and passing of their spouses, and yet, both had decided to give marriage another chance. It was an outdoor ceremony, and the sun peeped out, and the rain stopped just long enough for it! Very nice of God to do that for them. Then Mum, Grandma, and Grandpa stayed for the reception and us kids headed back to the hotel for pizza, more swimming, and of course the favorite of all - bedtime!

Tomorrow we plan to have brunch with all the family, visit Niagra Falls in the afternoon, and then drive as far as we can. Monday we will breakfast with our Great-Grandmother (Mom's Grandma), and then drive to Grandma and Grandpa's home in Illinois, where we will spend the night. The Tuesday will be the long stretch home from their house to Rolla. I cannot wait to get back. :) This has been a wonderful trip, but I really miss the peace of our home, and of course, Andy and Dad. Friends in Rolla- Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail when I get back so we can get together, okay? I miss you all. . .

Thanks for bearing with me all this time.

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kingrussian1 said...

This comment has nothing to do witht the post but you know me Captain Random. I'm serious, and font call me Shirly. Ok the real comment. I like the housecleaning on your blog. change it up a little. Keep it fresh. But good luck competing with my awesome hangman game that actually is kinda dumb since the words are words no one would ever know or want to know.