Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Update

Well it has been a while, and I have a whole bunch of photos to put up. . . but that's going to have to wait. :) Mum, Abby, Zeke, Isaac, Elizabeth, Grandma and Grandpa Douglass, and I are going on an 8 day road trip to upstate New York. My Grandpa's sister (my Mum's aunt) is getting remarried, and Mum and Dad thought it was a good chance to take us kids to some historical places in New England. We are leaving tomorrow in the morning as soon as we can get packed up. . . I think we might have internet access along the way, when we stop at hotels and such, but no guarantees. If not, I will most certainly try and post once we get back. Although it's going to be go-go-go from then until school starts back up in August. The week after NY, we are going on a float/camping trip. Then a few days after that we are flying to California, where I will be staying a week. At the end of June, some friends from Norway will be visiting for a week. . . after which Andy and I are going to TREX (wOOt!). Then my aunt and cousins from Dubai (U.A.E.) will be staying with us for a while. And at the end of July we are having a family reunion to celebrate my Dad's parent's 50th anniversary. Talk about busy. . . I would so appreciate your prayers for our family as we begin this whirlwind summer. I'm sure you all understand how easy it can be to get so caught up in all the activities that we lose sight of what really matters. . . then again, I'm sure no one else has that problem, right? ; )

God Bless, and drop me an e-mail to let me know what you're up to this summer!


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animalover said...

haha I think my summer will be busier.. first I've got several months worth of school to catch up on, rodeos and roping events to help staff at work, float trip, work my regular job, crossover in June, youth conference in July, all my different jobs at the same time, and then August 6, I go to basic training, which means up at 4:15 every morning, and no free moment until bedtime at 10:30.. lol then I get two weeks off over Christmas... ahh.. :) so yea.. I know the feeling!