Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Three

Well our first real adventure was last night. As Isaac said when we woke up "I never want to go through another night like that!!" He, Mum, Libeth, and I were in a hotel room together, and it was pretty awful. Libeth cried most of the night - she had a fever, our air conditioner was not working, and she threw up. :( Since she had been coughing most of the trip, Mum thought it'd be wise to take her to the doctor. Thanks to Grandma's friend Maryanne, we were able to find a hospital in Charlottesville. She and Grandpa dropped the rest of us off at Monticello, while they took her to the ER. We really loved the tour of Monticello. The weather was wonderful, and it was just really great. Then we went to visit Mum, found that Elizabeth had pneumonia, and would be spending the night at the hospital. Grandma and Grandpa then took us around downtown Charlottesville. It was nice, but of course, worrying about little Libeth put a bit of a damper on the afternoon. We spent the night at Maryanne and her husband Skip's house. It was so nice, and we are very thankful that they so graciously opened their home.

A few photos of Monitcello is all for this day. Abby wrote a great summary of our tour in the trip journal, but I will refrain from typing it out, since I still have two days to update on. :)




The gardens, which Zeke was especially interested in.

We took so many photos of the flowers on the flower path, but this was my favorite, probably because of the color.

A unique bench in downtown Charlottesville. It was a mosaic. . . so cool. We wanted to buy it, but we don't have space in the van. ; )

And here is the dear little sickie. Poor thing had the "splint" on her arm to keep the IV from bending. She slept most of the time in the hospital, which was a blessing. Mum was able to spend the night with her, also a blessing.

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