Monday, May 26, 2008

Day One

Departure Time: 9:09am (Pretty good for planning to leave at 9!)

Well we are on day one of our family vacation. :) I think I may have forgetten the proper cords to download photos, so it may just be boring words. At least until I have a chance to thoroughly search the van tomorrow. Today we had lots of fun. We mostly drove, but also took a few hours at Lincoln's boyhood home in Indiana. It was really cool, because in addition to the museum, they had a living history farm. They actually farm, and have animals, and live as Lincoln and his family did. Mum and I both decided that we would have to throw away our computers to have the time to do all that they do. We saw a king snake, then drove on, through a town called "Santa Claus" (I'm not even joking), and ate dinner in Shelbyville at a Cracker Barrel. We are staying here tonight at a hotel with a very cold swimming pool, and wireless that isn't working. :/

Favorite Quotes from today:
"How do you say diet soda in Polish?" - Zeke
"I don't like eating at this rest-stop because it's wet. I think though that when it isn't wet, it probably isn't as wet. " - prefers to remain annonymous

Most interesting wildlife spotted:
King Snake
Red Fox
Very dead deer on the side of the road

Love you all, and wish you were here!

P.S. I found the cords and software!! So here are some photos from our first day:

Abby Swinging at our first rest stop - the wet one. :)

Copy of the Gettysburg Address at Lincoln's boyhood home in Indiana.

At the Living Farm at Lincoln's Boyhood Home.

I think we had been driving for about 30 minutes with the tank on Empty before we found this gas stop. Thank you Lord that we didn't add running out of gas to our adventures this day!

Did you know that most gas pumps will stop at $100? We didn't either until gas prices reached over $4/gal., at least out here in the east.

Hangman Game between Becky and Zeke (I won!)

Grandma and Grandpa playing checkers at Cracker Barrel


Farm Girl said...

I've been thinking of you all, and keeping you in my prayers. Sounds like it's pretty enjoyable so far. :) I'm really going to miss you at youth group tomorrow! But I'll take notes on the lesson and tell you all about it when you get home.
Sending you a hug... and all my love, dear sister.

animalover said...

sounds like fun! hahaha I'm still laughing at the "still wet" quote ;)