Friday, January 16, 2009

For Joel. . .

So while we are on the topic of randomness . . . When Renee was over at our house yesterday, and we were inspecting each other's toes, she said, "Oh, I have something to show you!" She started rolling up her jeans, and showed me some pretty wicked awesome bruises on her knees. I was, naturally, quite horrified . . .until I remembered how they came about.

Last Friday, at the CHESS skating party, several of us started a game of tag as we were skating around. I was not "it" and so was peacefully minding my own business, skating in circles, when I see Renee flying across the rink - she went across right in front of me and cannon-balled into Joel Nisbett. He was standing next to the wall, and before I knew it, he was hitting the wall, and both of them were on the ground. I can imagine that his bruises are at least comparable to hers. I'm not really sure what got into her. . .I mean, she was "it", so I guess that is some excuse. :) And I'm pretty sure she succeeded in her goal of transferring the title of "it" to him. . . And she definitely succeeded in providing entertainment to everyone who observed it.

So here's to Joel - proof that her craziness did not occur without consequences. lol.

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