Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of Fingers and Toes . . .

Okay, so randomness once again pops up in our lives . . . strange how that happens so often among home schooling families. :) Sunday night, our family enjoyed an evening of pie-eating and games with the Nisbetts. During a game of "Switch if. . . ", we discovered which of us have a second toe that is longer than our first toe. We then launched off into a discussion about how some people have longer ring fingers than pointer fingers, etc, etc. . . . a discussion which was continued this morning with the Pettijohn kids. Fingers and toes are such fun, aren't they?

So the question of the day:
Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
And is your ring finger, or pointer finger longer?

Josiah said he thought that which finger was longer indicated one's aptitude for different subjects. . . I think he said that if your pointer finger is longer, you are more inclined towards English related things, and if your ring finger is longer, Math and such is your tendency. The theory held up Sunday night - I think that all the Nisbett boys had a longer ring finger, and I had a longer pointer finger. ;) Go figure. . .

Oh, and for the record, my answers are: shorter second toe, and longer pointer finger.

Can't wait to hear what your answer ! (. . . actually, I can because this is just stupid and pointless. lol.)



sonja said...

Let's second toe is shorter than my big toe, and my ring finger is longer than my pointer finger. But I don't agree with the fact that that means I like math. Although I DO like it more than English. :) Oh, by the way...Becky? For some reason, I thought your second toe was longer than your big toe.

Adam Nisbett said...

Actually, mine are pretty much the same length in both fingers and toes. I think my second to may be slightly longer if it is stretched out, but I'm not sure.

Rebekah Grace said...

Nope Sonja! As you can see in the photos. . . my toes are about a stair-step down.