Friday, January 2, 2009

St. Paul - Christmas Eve

After we returned from the sleding expedition, it was time to get dressed for church. Then we set out - and walked. To church. Nearly a mile. In the cold. It made memories. 'Nuf said.

The service was very nice, and even nicer was the jog home, but the nicest of all was the hot chocolate (and tea for those of us who think chocolate is quite bleck-y) awaiting us as we arrived home.
Zeke and Noah

And of course, snacks to go along with our drinks.Then, it was time for stockings! We started with the youngest and worked our way up, Zeke and Mariah being the official stocking handing-outers. Grandma then read us a cowboy version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Listening closely

After that, everyone was sent out to play with their stocking stuffers while us "womenfolk" finished preparing the feast! And a feast it was - Grandma sure knows how to cook. Yummy!
Elizabeth was found in the basement, hiding behind the radiator, eating chocolate that was in her stocking.)

Then, time for presents! We started once again with the youngest, and worked our way up.

Libeth got a backpack, with a tent and sleeping bag inside . . .. . . as well as coordinating hat, mittens, and sunglasses.

One of Isaac's gifts was a towel, complete with reindeers antlers and everything. Lucky.

Zeke got the best gift of all - deodorant!
Abby quickly busied herself looking through one of her three new books - all about horses. Grandma sure knows her grandkids!
I was given some assistance in the placement of my gift - a beautiful red bow. I believe Libeth spent about five minutes getting it centered on my forehead.
Andy is no where to be seen. I suspect he has gone to put on his new pajamas, and take a nap with his new comforter. Mum had the camera, and you know how that is. Not one picture of her all week long.
Dad was quite pleased with his gift - a towel to match Isaac's!
Mum was more pleased with his real gift - a nice outfit for work.

And last but not least, Grandma. She got the best gift of all - old cereal box bags, wiped clean and ripped open (it makes great wax paper!).

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alida said...

Did you teach your little cousin the bird game? (Bottom picture, she is in the lower right.)