Friday, January 2, 2009

St. Paul - Thursday and Friday

Thursday was Christmas Day, of course. Since we had done the majority of the present opening the night before, Christmas morn we headed off to a church in a neighboring town for their service. The family who did the service, the Andersons, were friends from California. He was the pastor of our church for many years, and we grew up with their younger kids. They didn't know that our family was coming, so it was very fun to surprise them and to catch up on life. Their new son-in-law preached a powerful message, and we also heard Silent Night in two languages - Japanese, and a language spoken in Madagascar (I don't recall its name). Afterwards, we talked until someone noticed the janitor, quietly standing by the door, waiting to lock-up and get home for his Christmas! We wrapped things up in prayer, and talked our way out of the building and to our cars.

The afternoon was spent with snow play and around the house relaxing. Mum, Grandma, and I sipped tea and watched White Christmas while Dad took the kids to the park to help them build a fantastic igloo. After dinner, we opened the gifts that were from Mum and Dad to us, and spent some more time just being around each other. It is a really good feeling when you honestly enjoy getting to spend time with the ones closest to you, isn't it?

Friday we ventured out of the house and visited the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. It had formerly been the Gold Medal Flour mill, so they had a test kitchen there with sample cookies and other yummy things.
The boys, trying their hand at Playdough
(Libeth was showing them how it is done)

Grandma and I, perusing some of the many
cookbooks they had stashed in the test kitchen.

We also visited The Guthrie, a terribly unique theatre right next door.
And, we drove past the Thrivent building on our way back to St. Paul.

It was a very dreary day, but we had fun despite that!

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