Saturday, January 3, 2009

St. Paul - Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve was our big day of celebration! Because the cousins would be there all day long, and weren't able to join us the next morning, we had our big meal, sleding expedition, and gift/stocking opening time all today instead.

The day started off with a yummy breakfast, compliments of Grandma. After finishing the last of the decorations and hanging the stockings, we all bundled up and Dad and Uncle Peter took the oldest 9 grandkids sleding. All us kids, ages 19 (almost) thru 6, all had a great time, and I think that the dads did too. Enjoy wading through all the sledding photos for the next 10 minutes!

Get ready, get set. . . . and, he's off!

Andy, majestically pulling off the classic "Pom-pom hat"

Andy and Josh protect the basketball pole from wayward sledd-ers.

The three "Pete Halls" - Joshua, Noah, and Caleb
Zeke, styling one of Grandma's hats. I am proud to call you my brother.
Isaac, ready to go!

Caleb, modeling the oh-so-fashionable Fed-Ex coveralls.

Zeke. . .I don't believe that is the best way to come down.

(And yes, he did slide half-way down the hill like that.)
The sledd-er almost ran into the camera-woman.

Caleb flies!

Dad even got in the action - he held the "longest sled ride" record for a while too!
Isaac, trudging up the hill once again.

Athleticism runs in the veins of all the Hall males.

This is my cousin Noah. Somehow, he, Josh, Caleb, and Andy
all managed to "surf" down the hill on sleds! Not even snowboards
(which I imagine would be hard enough), but old, red sleds! How's
that for talent?

It was cold. I sat in the car some. . . okay, a lot.
Abby declared me "Lame." I accept the title,
but will edit it a bit: "Lame -- but warm!"
The grand finale was the "Train" - pretty much, the dads set it up so that all of the kids (with the exception of yours truly, who was in charge of videoing and taking pictures) would go down at once. They held onto each other's ankles, and I tell you - watching them fishtail when they got to the bottom was hilarious for us up top (but probably not so fun for those at the end of the train!).

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