Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, the Weary Winter

Needless to say, I was quite burned out after my last string of posts. :) When I told Mum that I had finished posting all the Christmas photos, she said, "I haven't even seen our Christmas photos yet!" But I thought it might be time to run a bit of an update on my life, and since the weather outside is so dreary and cold, I figured now was as good a time as any. I also wanted to post the words to the hymn our family is currently learning. Update first I suppose. . .

The week and a half since we've been back from Illinois have flown by somehow. Because I had 5 weeks of break between semesters, I thought that these days were going to be terribly boring, and that I ought to find some useful occupation which would use my time nicely. However, quite the opposite has been true. I have found that the hours fill up faster than I can write things into my calendar! Which is mostly good, but can be exhausting!

This week my focus has started to zero in on next fall - making sure all my college applications are completed, eliminating colleges from my list, checking out different scholarship options, pushing Mum to help me get the FAFSA thing-y filled out, talking to admissions counselors . . . and ultimately, hopefully deciding what school I will be attending in the fall! It's both exciting and terribly scary.

I'm also facing the reality that it is time to make a decision about my major. Because I've spent this year collecting general education credits, I really need to decide so that I can get going on more specific courses next fall. This decision will also affect where I go to school . . . it's so much to think about! And it's one of those situations in which there don't seem to be any "bad" or "wrong" choices - I can see how God would use me in each scenario! Which is awesome, but also makes it harder to decide. :)

I start classes again at East Central College on Tuesday. I might be taking only one class this semester, for various reasons. . . but I am looking forward to getting back into the school setting and being challenged again. We've also started with rehearsals for "Pirates of Penzance" - I am the props manager, and I am SO EXCITED! Basketball season continues to be a constant part of life, as well as several new clubs, groups, etc. that our family members are joining.

To wrap up, I would ask for your prayers. Have you ever been at a place in life when you feel really guilty asking for prayer? You look around at the pain and suffering those around you and in the world are going through, and you think, "How selfish of me to ask for any prayers for myself!" Well that's where I am right now - because as much as I might stress, face big decisions, and have bad days, my life on a whole is so . . . good. But, God asks us to come before Him with everything, big and small. So if you are in need of sending up a small prayer, I'd ask that you pray for my peace of mind - and God would grant me the strength to trust Him with all this future stuff. :) If you want to tackle something a little bigger, please, please pray for the Pettijohn family. I'll post more about that tomorrow. . .

Love you all! May God go with you this week!


Rachel said...

Don't feel bad about asking for prayer regarding anything...and actually, it sounds like you are making some BIG decisions! I know how you feel, though...when my dear friend Amy was dying of leukemia there were times I felt almost guilty about praying for "mundane" things. But that is the enemy's way of keeping us from taking everything to our Heavenly Father. The truth is, the Lord WANTS us to take to Him the little things! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Susanna said...

I understand the stress that comes with such decisions. Looking back on those times in my life I wonder why I got so stressed about them. It so easy to look back and see the right thing to do but hard at the time. Hope it all works out.

Rebekah Grace said...

Thank you both so much for sharing your encouragement! So often it's easy to forgot those basic things - like that God really desires us to bring all the things in our life to Him. And not only that, but He that wants us to TRUST Him with them. Thanks for your prayers, and your support . . . knowing that others are alongside me in this walk of ours is such a blessing!